Cheryl and Wergens- Picnic Engagement Session- Corona, CA

August 31, 2011

Nothing gives the average photo shoot a kick of awesomeness like props. Lucky for me I have a beautiful bride-to-be who provided everything I needed for a fabulous shoot…and let me tell you, I would have never expected to love a couple of red balloons as much as I do now. Observe Exhibit A:

And who says engagement rings are just for girls! Both the bride AND groom splurged a little to boost their courtship to the next level. Hey, a little bling-bling never hurt anybody!

They went all out with the picnic theme and brought cookies, strawberries, and champagne. (insert drool here)

Of course we mustn’t forget their lovely dog, TOFU! I think she’s laughing at me, but i love it. Work it Tofu, work it!

And the light…for lack of better words was just so… puuuurrrrty.